Words of Encourgement 

  Week 3

Minister  Anthony Newman

Minister Newman.JPG

  Week 1

Minister  Audrey Alexandre'

  Week 4

Minister Tracy Newman

  Week 6

Rev. Velma Emmens

  Week 8

Minister Tamara Alexndre'

  Week  10

Rev. Ronald Fowlkes

  Week  12

Minister Anthony Newman

Minster Newman.jpg
Minster Newman 3.jpg
Minster Newman 2.jpg

  Week  15

Minister Nakeia Wilcox

  Week  17

Minister Tamara Alexandre'

  Week  19

Rev. Robyn Briscoe

  Week  21

Rev. Quinton Massey

  Week  23

Minister  Carols Hackett

  Week  25

Minister Anthony Newman

Minister Newman words of encourgement 01

  Week  29

Minister   Kim Brown

  Week 2

Rev. Thomas  Ryan

  Week 5

Minister  Kim Brown

  Week 7

Rev. Robyn Briscoe

  Week 9

Minister Monty Anderson

  Week  11

Minister Audrey  Alexandre'

  Week  13

Minister Tracy Newman

  Week  14

Minister Melody Swing

Minster Swing.jpg
Minster Swing 2.jpg

  Week  16

Minister Kim Brown

  Week  18

Rev. Velma Emmens

  Week  20

Minister Cynthia Goslee

  Week  22

Minister  Monty Anderson

  Week  24

Rev. Thomas Ryan

  Week  26

Minister Tracy  Newman

  Week  27

Minister Lisa  Hutt

  Week  28

Rev. Velma Emmens

  Week   30

Minister Melody Swing

Melody Swing.jpg
Minister Newman words of encourgement 3.


with Pastor Lavina J. Smith

Special Guest Annie Slease from NAMI Delaware

Topic:  Mental Health